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Stay Game-Ready with AlphaMeD
Your Neighborhood Sports Medicine Pros


Hey, Arizona athletes! Whether you’re scoring touchdowns in Glendale, hitting home runs in Chandler, or setting records in North Scottsdale or Biltmore, you know that staying at the top of your game means taking care of your body. That’s where we come in. AlphaMeD isn’t your typical healthcare spot; we’re your neighbors, your fans, and your go-to sports medicine crew when you need to get back in the game. Our doors are open in four convenient Phoenix Metro locations, all dedicated to one thing: keeping you healthy and active.


1: Meet Your Local Sports Medicine All-Stars

Our AlphaMeD team is like your sports dream team – diverse, skilled, and totally dedicated to victory, which, in our world, means your health. We’ve got the home advantage because we know the Phoenix Metro area inside out. Our pros aren’t just experts in their fields—they’re also your local sports enthusiasts who might cheer you on at a Friday night game. They’re armed with the latest in sports medicine to tackle everything from sprains to more complex injuries, all with a friendly smile.


2: Personalized Care: The AlphaMeD Game Plan

Big box urgent cares might treat you like just another number, but at AlphaMeD, you’re part of the hometown team. We take the time to get to know you—not just your injury. Our playbook includes personalized treatment plans, crafted with your specific sports and health goals in mind. We believe that’s the key to not just healing you, but making you even stronger than before.


3: Winning Strategies for Every Athlete

group of men in green soccer jersey shirt on green grass field

No matter your sport or level, we’ve got a strategy for you. From high school soccer stars to weekend golf enthusiasts, our comprehensive care covers it all. We’re talking injury prevention, advanced treatment options, and rehabilitation services that consider your sport’s specific demands. And with locations across the Phoenix Metro area, top-notch care is never far away.


4: AlphaMeD’s Community Spirit in Sports Medicine

Here’s the deal: we know Phoenix. We know its people, its athletes, and its spirit. As a challenger brand, we’re all about shaking up the standard big-box approach to sports medicine. We’re hands-on, we’re innovative, and we’re here to build lasting relationships with our community. When you’re with us, you’re with family—because local care is just better care.


Alright, team, that’s the rundown. At AlphaMeD, you’re more than just a patient; you’re our neighbor, our teammate, and our inspiration. Whether you’re looking to prevent an injury, recover from one, or just want to up your game, swing by any of our four locations. Let’s get you back to doing what you love, because when you’re ready to play, so are we.

The AlphaMeD Promise

Our priorities start and end with you. We believe you will discover a
better urgent care experience

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