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Meet the AlphaMeD Primary Care Team
The Faces Behind Your Care


At AlphaMeD, our primary care team is the foundation of our commitment to your health and well-being. Each member brings a unique blend of expertise, passion, and dedication to patient care. Today, we’re excited to introduce you to the exceptional individuals who make up our primary care team. Get to know the professionals who are always there to ensure your visits are not only about medical needs but also about building lasting health relationships.


The Journey and Dedication of Our Primary Care Physicians

Our team of primary care physicians is driven by a deep commitment to the communities they serve. They bring years of experience and a heartfelt dedication to each patient encounter. Through their stories, we see a common thread of passion for medicine and a genuine desire to make a positive impact on the lives of their patients.


Spotlight Profiles: Key Members from Our Primary Care Team


– Loren Lawrence, MSN APRN FNP-C:

Loren brings a patient-centered approach to internal medicine, treating both acute and chronic conditions. She started her nursing career focusing on medical surgery and obstetrics, and now, as part of the AlphaMeD team, she continues to provide excellent care rooted in empathy and understanding.


– Jenny Khan, PA-C:

With 15 years of experience in primary and urgent care, Jenny specializes in Pediatric and Adult Care. She is deeply immersed in the Chandler community and brings a wealth of knowledge and a nurturing approach to patient education and care.



– Kayla Shelley, PA-C:

Specializing in Primary Care Medicine, Women’s Health, and Gynecology, Kayla has over a decade of experience in healthcare. Her work in weight loss management and dedication to teaching reflect her diverse skills and commitment to patient health.


In-Depth Focus: The Role of Primary Care in Patient Wellness

This section of our blog offers an in-depth look at the crucial role our primary care physicians play in maintaining and enhancing patient wellness. We delve into how they approach patient care, highlighting their dedication to not just addressing immediate health concerns but also focusing on long-term health goals.


From the moment a patient steps into the clinic, our primary care team is attentive to their needs. They take the time to understand each patient’s unique health history and current lifestyle, ensuring that every piece of advice and every treatment plan is tailored specifically to them. This personalized approach is key to effective primary care and is a cornerstone of the AlphaMeD ethos.


Our primary care physicians also play a vital role in preventive care. They keep patients informed about the latest in health screenings and vaccinations, and guide them through lifestyle choices that can prevent illnesses. This proactive approach to health care not only helps in preventing future health issues but also empowers patients to take charge of their health.


Moreover, our primary care team is there to offer support and guidance through all stages of life, whether it’s navigating adolescent health, managing chronic diseases, or providing geriatric care. Their comprehensive understanding of health and wellness means they can effectively coordinate with specialists whenever necessary, ensuring a seamless healthcare experience for every patient.



The AlphaMeD Primary Care Team is more than a collection of healthcare professionals; they are a family dedicated to the health and happiness of our patients. We invite you to meet them, learn their stories, and experience the compassionate, expert care that sets AlphaMeD apart.

The AlphaMeD Promise

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